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by Modulo Torsion

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Tanznacht 04:47
Eyes lined in black Powdered face, corset laced Cuing up next track Cuing up next track お酒の流れ [osake no nagare / liquor flows] 群集が踊る [gunshuu ga odoru / crowd dances] 興奮だよ [kofun da yo / excitement you know] 興奮だよ [kofun da yo / excitement you know] Clove smoke fills the air UV lights on fishnet tights Neon colored hair Neon colored hair
Viral Exile 05:11
Novel contagion Restriction leads to friction Future is forsaken Future is forsaken ウイルス [uirusu / virus] 追放される [tsuihou sa reru / exiled by] 海外に [kaigai ni / overseas] 海外に [kaigai ni / overseas] Future is forsaken Novel contagion Future is forsaken Novel contagion
Formless 03:19
Fiery autumn skies Heavy with falling ash Lungs burn with each breath Burning with each breath 黒い空 [kuroi sora / black sky] 外は虚空だ [soto ha kokuu da / there's nothing outside] 星がない [hoshi ga nai / there are no stars] 星がない [hoshi ga nai / there are no stars] 黒い空 [kuroi sora / black sky] Fiery autumn skies Burning with each breath 星がない [hoshi ga nai / there are no stars]
夜の精神 [yoru no seishin / Spirit of the Night] 君の抱擁を [kimi no houyou o / Your embrace] 感じたい [kanjitai / I want to feel] 感じたい [kanjitai / I want to feel] Stare into the void Emptiness There's nothing left Struggle to avoid Struggle to avoid 夜の精神 [yoru no seishin / spirit of the night] 君の抱擁を [kimi no houyou o / your embrace] 感じたい [kanjitai /I want to feel] 感じたい [kanjitai /I want to feel] Struggle to avoid Emptiness There's nothing left Stare into the void Stare into the void
Ritual 04:15
Attack Decay 04:19
Darkness around me Dread rising, compromising My integrity My integrity うつ病 [utsubyou / depression] 笑顔への闘い [egao he no tatakai / struggle to smile] 続ける [tsudzukeru / to continue] 続ける [tsudzukeru / to continue] Darkness closing in Vision tightens, feeling frightened Room begins to spin Room begins to spin
Minor Tonic 04:18
Cold synthetic sounds Imported and distorted Transposed up and down Transposed up and down Subharmonic Echoes of another love Rooted in the tonic Rooted in the tonic Hard metallic beats Sequenced notes and sampled quotes Resounding in the streets Resounding in the streets
A year without flight Work week blends into weekends Day blends into night Day blends into night 挫折から [zasetsu kara / from frustration] 未来への希望 [mirai e no kibou / hope for the future] が生まれる [ga umareru / is born] が生まれる [ga umareru / is born] Immunization A hopeful dawn, contagion gone Reunification Reunification


A topologist experiences a cyberpunk dystopia and reacts with music. All tracks on this album were composed using biquandle colorings of the 6_3 knot; some tracks also include Yang-Baxter chord progressions, biquandle Cayley matrices and knot arpeggiation.


released January 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Modulo Torsion Pomona, California

A mathematician and club DJ for over 20 years, Modulo Torsion is making music using the mathematics of Knot Theory.

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